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 Show of Shows Special Guests
2020 Show of Shows Special Guests 
Please note: This is a list of our special veteran guests as of 2/7/2018.  We ask everyone attending the show to understand that their plans are subject to change without notice.      
We are currently adding more veteran guests for the 2020 SOS.  More names will be added as soon as they are confirmed.
Private First Class Bradford C. Freeman
Co. E, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment
Bradford Freeman was born and raised in the lush Mississippi farmlands of Lowndes County, near Columbus. He was one of 8 children, 3 of whom fought in the war. After high school graduation he enrolled in Mississippi State University, which he attended for one semester before enlisting in the US Army on December 12, 1942.  He joined the paratroopers, following in the footsteps of his older brother, who became an officer in the 11th Airborne. Freeman was assigned to the 506th PIR,101st Airborne at Alderbourne, England in February 1944. There, he trained under the watchful eye of mortar squad leader Don Malarkey and platoon leader Bill Guarnere, both of whom he describes as great fighting men.  On D-Day Freeman parachuted into Normandy in Malarkey’s stick, forming up and fighting with Sgt. Chuck Grant until they joined the company near Brecourt Manor. Freeman vividly remembers the fierce fighting at Carentan, where he feels E-Company came together as a combat unit.  Freeman participated in the invasion of Holland, and recalls endless patrols and scary night outpost duty on the banks of the Rhine.  Following Market Garden Freeman survived the brutal weather and constant shelling in the Bois Jacques woods at Bastogne only to be wounded by a screaming mimi (Nebelwerfer rocket)  in Easy Company,s attack on Foy. Following release from a hospital in England, Freeman joined up with HQ Staff in Berchtesgaden in April 1945, and later with his E-Company comrades in Kaprun, Austria. After the war Brad Freeman went back to Mississippi State University for a semester, and then returned to help run a 197 acre family farm in Lowndes County.  He later worked with the US Postal Service, retiring after 32 years of service. 
Master Sergeant Wes Fields
USAF AC-130H Spectre Gunship Aerial Gunner
Somalia, 1991 Gulf War, Bosnia
MSgt Wes Fields is a 24 year decorated combat veteran in the United States Air Force as an Aerial Gunner on the AC-130H Spectre Gunship assigned to the United States Air Force Special Operations Command. He participated in numerous special operation missions throughout the world. These missions include supporting the emergency evacuation of a United States Embassy in Somalia, supporting the United States Marines on the ground by providing suppression fire during the first attack by Iraqi forces against collation forces during the Gulf War of 1991, and destroying targets during the largest air campaign in North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) history. During Operation “Eastern Exit” on January 1, 1991, the United States Ambassador to Somalia requested military assistance to evacuate the Embassy. Americans and other foreign nationals had sought shelter in the Embassy compound. Sergeant Fields and crew provided fire support and intelligent to other special operation teams bringing the operation to a successful conclusion.  During Operation “Desert Storm” in 1991, while flying a combat mission over southern Kuwait and northern Saudi Arabia, Sergeant Fields and crew provided critical nighttime air support to counter the first Iraqi offensive against coalition forces. They attacked and destroyed an Iraqi border post, command and control center, and numerous fuel trucks while dodging heavy antiaircraft artillery fire.  During Operation “Deliberate Force” in Bosnia-Herzegovina during the Bosnian War in 1995, Sergeant Fields and crew suppressed enemy air defenses and seriously damaged all targets assigned near the city of Sarajevo. This operation was the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) biggest combat undertaking since it was founded in 1949 and the largest air operation in Europe since World War II.  Sergeant Fields also served 3 years as an Aircraft Armament System Specialist loading munitions on the F-111A and F-16 A/B/C/D fighter aircrafts.  Master Sergeant Fields has earned 62 awards and decorations including the Meritorious Service Medal, 4 Air Medals, 4 Aerial Achievement Medals, and 7 Combat Readiness Medals. 
  William Robinson
US Air Force
One of the longest surviving POWs, USAF Airman First Class William Robinson’s story
begins on September 20, 1965 when his helicopter was shot down and all on board were
taken prisoner. Airman Robinson would endure seven years and five months of captivity
– the longest internment in U.S. military history. Robinson was transported to what was
known as the “Hanoi Hilton Prison.” For the next seven years he was beaten, starved and
often witnessed the death of fellow prisoners. He credits WWII and Korean War POW’s
experiences for surviving the horrific struggles of a POW. In April, 1965, Bill’s tour of duty
in Vietnam was scheduled to last only four months. Bill said he was able to survive by
continually telling himself he was only in Vietnam for three days. He would tell himself
“I was shot down yesterday; today was today; and I will go home tomorrow.” After his
release, Bill was commissioned as a Lieutenant and continued his service. He retired
as a Captain in 1984. During his career he was awarded the Air Force Cross, the Silver
Star, the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star, the POW Medal and two Purple Hearts. Bill
was featured in a series of North Vietnamese postage stamps being escorted by an NVA
female soldier.

Rev. Walter B. Stitt
3rd Armored Division
Walter B. Stitt was born in Marietta, OH, on July 24, 1924. At age 18 he volunteered for
service entering the Army at Fort Polk, LA. He left the States aboard the Queen Elizabeth
in May, 1944, and trained in Wells, England, before departing Portsmouth for Omaha
Beach in July of 1944. At Normandy, he was assigned as a gun loader in a Sherman tank
with E-Company, 2nd Battalion, 33rd Regiment, 3rd Armored Division. After the Normandy
Campaign his unit was the first to pierce the Siegfried Line in Germany. During that
fight his Sherman was knocked out by a Tiger tank which killed his Tank Commander and
Gunner. He recovered from leg wounds and was assigned to another Sherman, which
was knocked out by a mine in Stolberg. On January 6, 1945, fighting as a tank gunner in a
Sherman during the Battle of the Bulge, his tank was hit by a panzerfaust, killing his Tank
Commander. He suffered a head wound and other internal injuries and was evacuated
from the field. Eventually he had surgery in England and upon recovery was given “Limited
Service Status.” He was then assigned to the 95th Bomb Group of the 8th Air Force at
Horham, England. He became a bomb loader and later ran the enlisted men’s Beer Hall
before returning to the States. He was discharged on November 30, 1945. After the war
he married, attended college, and entered the Seminary, becoming a Lutheran Pastor.
Walter retired in 1992 and continues to be active in the 3rd Armored Division Association,
of which he is a past-President.
In addition to the individual veteran sponsors mentioned above, the Ohio Valley Military Society would like to thank the following individuals, businesses, and organizations for their contributions of hard work and financial support which makes it possible to bring our Veteran Guests to the Show-of-Shows: 

Bob Makos of Valor Studios
Mr. Jim Osborne (Indiana Military Museum)
Mr. Bob Kraus
Mr. Richard Graney
Mr. Bill Wise
Mr. Robert Wilson

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