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 Show of Shows Special Guests
2022 Show of Shows Special Guests 
Please note: This is a list of our special veteran guests as of 2/18/2022.  We ask everyone attending the show to understand that their plans are subject to change without notice.      

We are honored to announce the roster of this years veterans guests to the Show of Shows. 

Sammy L. Davis, Medal of Honor, US Army, Vietnam.

Don J. Jenkins, Medal of Honor, US Army, Vietnam.

Bradford Freeman, E Co.,506th PIR, 101st Airborne (Band of Brothers), WWII.

Frank Emond, USS Pennsylvania, Pearl Harbor, US Navy, WWII.

George Merz, Military Police, Battle of the Bulge, US Army, WWII.

Don Cobb, USS Murphy, D-Day Invasion, US Navy, WWII

Wes Fields, Aerial Gunner, AC-130H Spectre Gunship, US Air Force, Somalia, Gulf War, Bosnia.

Bud Alley, 2nd. Battalion, 7th Cavalry (Airmoble), US Army, Battle of La Drang, LZ Albany, Vietnam.

George Patton Waters, Grandson of General George S. Patton, US Navy, Vietnam.

Charles H.Bogart, USS Buckley, US Navy, Cold War.



The Ohio Valley Military Society would like to thank the following individuals, businesses, and organizations for their contributions of hard work and financial support which makes it possible to bring our Veteran Guests to the Show-of-Shows: 

Jim Osborne (Indiana Military Museum)

Erik Dorr (Gettysburg Museum of History)

Joe Conway

Wes Fields

Bill Shea (The Ruptured Duck)




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