Ohio Valley Military Society
Show of Shows
What exactly is The Ohio Valley Military Society?
The Show of Shows is sponsored by the Ohio Valley Military Society, Inc., one of the oldest
militaria collecting clubs in the United States. Our current membership resides in forty-eight
of the fifty United States (still none in Rhode Island or South Dakota), and twenty-five coun-
tries (all continents represented except Antarctica). Member collecting interests encompass all
eras, all nations and all wars.
The OVMS was first incorporated in Kentucky in 1966, and is currently based in Cincinnati,
Ohio. Each year the membership of the Society increases as the interest in militaria collecting
becomes more widespread and popular.
The Society currently sponsors the 1,965 table Show of Shows, and two smaller shows in
Wilmington, Ohio; one in June, and one in November. Each Wilmington show has space for
tables, and each is growing in dealer attendance. Two of our recent November shows were
sold-out on tables. There is room to expand in Wilmington if this trend continues.
New membership in the Ohio Valley Military Society for a US address is $40, renewal there-
after is $30 each year. New membership for non US address is $45, renewal thereafter is $35
each year. As a member, you receive a newsletter before each show, free admission for you,
spouse, and children under 18 to all our sponsored shows, a membership badge and card, dis-
count on show table rental, and early show admittance before public attendees. The Society
offers special recognition badge devices for members maintaining continuous membership for
10, 20, 30,
and 40 years. Life memberships are available after one year of membership.
Interested in becoming a part of the Ohio Valley Military Society? You may join at the reser-
vation desk in the front lobby of the show, or contact the Society for a new membership ap-
Front Cover
In honor of the 100thAnniversary of the Great War,
this year the Show-of-Shows highlights French
uniforms and equipment from 1914-1918. These
artifacts are from the extensive collection of Air
Force Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Schnakenberg.
His research into the WWI French Army was en-
hanced by overseas postings which afforded him
the opportunity to study original artifacts from the
finest European collections and Western Front mu-
seums, as well as explore the actual battlefields.
During the SOS, Jeff can be found at the Advance
Guard Militaria tables (Row L, tables 6-10 & 27-
The photograph of the 1914-era French soldier
was provided courtesy of John Adams-Graf.
Photography by: Anna McCoy
Design by: Jeff Shrader